Hardship & Hope: Stories of the economic crisis on Tobacco Road

In September 2007 the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression hit America, leaving few aspects of daily life unscathed.  Economists estimated that 6.7 million Americans have lost their jobs since January 2008.  The housing market declined, the credit well dried up, and a spirit of malaise blanketed America.

In January 2009, Carolina Photojournalism students set out to document the human face of the economic crisis in North Carolina's Triangle region. Hardship and Hope features stories that show the recession's far-reaching impact on North Carolinians.  What unites each story--whether about foreclosure or family--is the human spirit. Though hard times cause suffering, they can be fertile ground for some of humanity's best acts - love and kindness.

Role: Photographer, videographer
Story: "It's My Turn"

2010 Webby Awards, Finalist, Student Category
2009 College Photographer of the Year, Silver Medal

TimeSpace: Inauguration

WashingtonPost.com’s TimeSpace interactive map allowed users to experience the events of Inauguration Day through photos, video and text from specific locations through Washington, D.C.

One of 10 University of North Carolina photojournalism students invited to contribute content to this project on the historic day. We shot, edited and uploaded from the field.

Role: Photographer

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Cape Fear to Down Here

Along North Carolina's southern coastline lie the subtropical Brunswick islands, which span five barrier islands and 45 miles of beautiful beaches. During the 5th annual Carolina Photojournalism Workshop, students from the University of North Carolina explored the culture and traditions of North Carolina's rapidly-changing Brunswick Islands.

Role: Photographer, editor
Story: Workhorse on the Water

2009 Society for News Design, Best of Multimedia Design Award of Excellence
2009 Horizon Interactive Award, Best in Category, College & University
2009 Webby Awards, Nominee, Student Category
2009 NPPA Best of Photojournalism, 1st Place, News or Feature Multimedia Package
2008 Atlanta Photojournalism Seminar contest, 2nd Place, Multimedia Interactive

Special Olympics Live

Live.SpecialOlympics.org was a documentary web project that included daily photography, videography and news updates to share the World Games with a world-wide audience of athletes, their friends, families and classmates.

Role: Photographer for the Sun Valley Team

2009 Horizon Interactive Awards, Gold Medal, Special Olympics Live